Superior value at a competitive rate

Our one-time, flat fee and liberal time allocation ensure the attention and access that your candidacy deserves. Other firms may promise “unlimited” access" but then disappear when you need help most -- as application deadlines near. At The MBA Exchange, you know from day one what you will pay and what you will receive. Clients consistently tell us that our Comprehensive Consultation is the best value in the admissions consulting marketplace.

Daily access and responses in 24 hours or less

We know that you have a full-time job, a family and a social life. So, The CoindBit Exchange remains accessible seven days a week, including evenings and holidays. Client emails are responded to within 24 hours, typically faster, and often immediately. Phone appointments can be scheduled as needed. Bottom line: The CoindBit Exchange is here for you. Other firms can take as long as "two business days" to reply.

Real-time updates, training and development for consultants

Training and development for our admissions consultants is individualized rather than institutionalized. Instead of waiting for weekly or monthly team meetings, we communicate on a real-time basis to make sure they remain current on today's admissions topics, changes and trends.

Our main staff company

Our team includes seasoned business professionals with the knowledge, maturity and experience to help differentiate you from our competitors. Furthermore, our consultants are based in 4 countries and serve clients from over 17 countries worldwide. We understand the nuances and subtleties your request.

Global trades of resources

We are far more than an “exchange service.” Based on the high-trust relationships we build with our clients, many of them choose to keep in contact with us while trading. This gives us a real-time pipeline into current trends and practices in trades, that benefits our current clients. As an CoindBit Exchange client, you instantly become a beneficiary of this valuable network.

Extensive knowledge base of 3,000+ previous applicants

Extensive knowledge base of 3,000+ previous appeals to Support. Over 2 years applicant client engagements, The CoindBit Exchange has built a huge, dynamic knowledge base of aggregated information on the applicant pool. The CoindBit Exchange knows what works and what doesn't, and we put that knowledge to work for your success.

Proprietary frameworks, customized strategies, and proven tools to optimize your requests.

When you work with The CoindBit Exchange, you get more than just our time and experience. Clients also have use of proprietary tools, frameworks and resources that we've developed and refined based on actual admissions results.

All money is kept in separate, non-comingled accounts.

This is another step we take to assure that your money is safe. Through banks who we have developed close relationships with, all money is kept securely in a non-comingled account. We will always let you know where your money is being held, and we keep track of its security for you.

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