We value Bitcoin. We think that Bitcoin has value. That is why we started this project. Our project is a business and as an all-new entrepreneurial idea it is an experiment, as it is Bitcoin itself. This project is an experiment from many points of view: it is Bitcoin promotion and an attempt to provide a useful tool which we as Bitcoin users and traders want for ourselves; it is an experiment in economics, learning, understanding and practicing different mainstream and non-mainstream economical schools and ideas; it is also an interesting technical experiment for us as software developers. What does it mean for you as for users and customers of the business service which is in its early establishment state? It means that from the very beginning you will experience all problems we will have, especially technical. The only excuse we have is that Bitcoin technology itself is in its infancy and we hope for your understanding and generosity. From our side we pledge our time and efforts to provide you with a service more valuable for you than the amount of Bitcoins you spent on it.

  • 2015


    Our company was born in 2015, when bitcoin was just starting its triumphant march across the planet. Having considered the potential of this innovative currency, we opened our company and started to work with the koins. During the year, we gained experience in the bitcoin market, providing various companies with reports on the dynamics of the course of this crypto currency. This activity allowed us to form a knowledge base, as well as to identify existing problems in the bitcoin market. We have started to discuss methods of solving these problems.
  • 2015

    Team expansion

    The successful development of the company led to the need to expand the staff. Large-scale prospects emerged. To realize these goals, we have opened our own department of design and computer systems.
  • 2016

    New goals and objectives

    The experience gained in the market of bitcoins required a rethinking. Our goals have become more ambitious. We started selling and buying koins on new sites, including interaction with Western Union and Payza in our work. We are enthusiasts who believe in the bitcoin future. Bitcoin is a world currency for which there are no boundaries. It is a financial instrument, independent of banking systems, giant corporations and intrigues of politicians.
  • 2016

    A great year

    We confidently moved forward, acquiring new partners, expanding the functionality of the site and steadily increasing the trade turnover. Our company, having won the trust of investors, having gained a worthy reputation in the financial sphere, began to reap the well-deserved fruits: more and more people turned to us, replenishing the ranks of customers. We realized that now our main task is to maximally improve the service of our partners in order to justify the trust placed on us.
  • 2017

    Moved to the new office

    Expansion of our company has led to the need to increase the number of employees and change the office to a more spacious one. And finally, the move was carried out. Now we are working in a large office, where there is room for new people. Our team is ready to welcome new professionals into its ranks. We have opened interesting vacancies.
  • 2017

    Looking to the future

    We continue to work actively on the bitcoin market, expand our staff and increase our turnover.
    Work on the integration of payment systems has brought excellent results. Every day we have new clients.
    We are proud of the successes achieved and the trust of thousands of people who see us as reliable, stable partners capable of ensuring high profit rates.
  • 2018

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Bitcoin Year!!!

    A very Merry Christmas we wish you all our wonderful customers, and a Happy New Year in 2018. Especially to all new bitcoin holders (you are in the 10,000’s) who have gotten into bitcoin this year, you are very welcome and congratulations to you! What can you say about a year like 2017? We began the year with a bitcoin price of about 1000 USD. Now, just before Christmas we have exceeded 16.000 USD. It’s crazy, and we in the industry wouldn’t have dared to hope for this (maybe in the wildest dreams ;-)).

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